St. Emilian

Today we blessed the new candelabra for the altar and shroud of Jesus Christ. They were donated in memory of our beloved sister in Christ, Carol Faulkner. May God grant you blessed repose and eternal memory! Vicnaja ti pamjat!

Congratulations to Ali&Taylor on their wedding day! May God grant you love, health and happiness!

Thank you Al Bratnick for a beautiful frame for the shroud of the Holy Theotokos, you did a great work!

Happy feast of St. Emilian! This weekend we celebrate our patron saint, a defender of the true faith.

"Mourn not for Me, o My Mother...for I shall arise." Thank you Lisa&Kari for beautiful flower decoration, and Larry thanks for changing altar covers!

Glory to Jesus Christ, dear brothers and sisters, if you want to pray privately in our church it is available from 1pm till 7pm. You just need to call/text Fr. Jan.


We had such a great time, celebrating our holy Father Nicholas!

Congratulations Jacob and Jessica on your wedding last Saturday!