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Welcome to St. Emilian
Byzantine Catholic Church Website!
Whether you are a visitor living in or near the Brunswick area, a person searching for spiritual guidance or a faithful parishioner, we are here for you. Our spiritual community's enthusiasm and family-oriented atmosphere is very welcoming. Please know that you are always welcome to become a part of one wonderful family united in Our Lord Jesus Christ.
We are a parish that prays and plays together. Come and join us for Liturgy, a social event or to assist with one of our outreach projects.

Fr. Marek


Friday, September 19 - DL at 9:00 am

Saturday, September 20 - Vigil DL at 4:00 pm
Sunday, September 21 - DL at 10:00 am

Wednesday, September 24 - DL at 9:00 am
Thursday, September 25 - DL at 9:00 am
Friday, September 26 - DL at 9:00 am
September 21, 2014
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Q: Why does the deacon
change the position
of his orarion
before Holy Communion

A:  The orarion
(a narrow stole)  read more... 

Welcome to Larry and
Anna FUNK,
who are now
members of St. Emilian's.
We are happy to have you
here with us.
(August 2014)

Welcome to Bruce, Jody,
Daniel, Lynndee, Shyloh,
and Lyllie POPOVICH,
who are now members of
St. Emilian's. We are happy to
have you here with us.
(February 2014)

Welcome to John KORNICK,
who is now a member of
St. Emilian's. We are happy to
have you here with us.
(February 2014)

e wish a Happy Birthday to
Mary Adams, 9/4
John Oleksik, 9/4
 Mary Strippy, 9/6
 Gwen Walters, 9/7
Veronica Bokotey, 9/8
Charles Fricke, 9/9
Tim Moritz, 9/9
Vincent Pritchard, 9/11
Marijane Sirocky, 9/11
Bill T. Strippy, 9/11
Gerald Mutz, 9/12
Sarah Pilat, 9/13
Michele Shay, 9/13
Katie Stukbauer, 9/13
Roger Zusack, 9/14
David Lyman, 9/15
Caryl Jacobs, 9/16
Henry Lanning, 9/17
 Marsha Fricke, 9/19
Thomas Strippy, 9/19
Sienna Kendall, 9/20
Brian Morosky, 9/26
Chryss Morosky, 9/26
Dottie Kovalcin, 9/27
Therese Szijarto, 9/27

May God grant you many
happy years!


The Joy of the Gospel
Pope Francis

Byzantine Catholic
Eparchy of Parma
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 Mother of God
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just love each other
For God Everything is Now
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St. Emilian Byzantine Catholic Church, Brunswick, Ohio

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