St. Emilian

Making pirohi for the next sale.

Thank you luncheon for Father Bob.

Making rolls for our next sale.

Welcome to Gabriel Pecinovsky, son of Josh & Kari, who received Baptism, Chrismation, and Eucharist on June 5, 2021.

Beautiful day for Parish spring Clean up! Thanks For all the many hands that came out to help!

Thank you Al Bratnick for a beautiful frame for the shroud of the Holy Theotokos, you did a great work!

Happy feast of St. Emilian! This weekend we celebrate our patron saint, a defender of the true faith.

"Mourn not for Me, o My Mother...for I shall arise." Thank you Lisa&Kari for beautiful flower decoration, and Larry thanks for changing altar covers!

We had such a great time, celebrating our holy Father Nicholas!